Jaguar XK120


This car spent most of its life in California, we shipped the car back to the uk and set about a complete restoration. Firstly the body was removed and sent to renowned jaguar specialist James Sidwell who set about getting all the bodywork straight and correct, this involved replacing a lot of the panel work in order to meet Sid`s exceptionally high standards.

Once the panelwork was completed the Body was taken to and Renowned Body refinishers Brookfield Classics Ltd in Hinkley. Having previously painted a XK150 into Gloss black for us we knew the standard of the paintwork they deliver so there was only one choice this car.

The chassis was then stripped and sent for bead blast, primer and powder coating then all the suspension components were blasted, powder coated and reassembled with new bushes, ball joints and shims.

The engine was stripped the rocker covers were sent away for polishing then reassembled the chrome work was sent for re-plating and the car slowly started to come alive again.

Sid carried out the reassembly, fitting the freshly painted body back on the chassis and building the car back to the stage where it was ready for re-upholstery the car was then sent to Stan at GB Classics for them to work their magic retrimming the seats, dash, door panel & boot lining back to the original red leather and new red carpet set was fitted and a complete new hood in black.

I have to say the finished result was absolutely stunning. this car is easily worthy of being described as showroom condition.

I have to say the people we used to restore this car are the best in the business and its been an absolute pleasure watching this car being bought back to life.