Jaguar XK150

Before and After

This Jaguar XK150 has gone from an exceptionally dilapidated condition back to its original glory and to say we were overwhelmed with the finished result was an understatement. We would even go as far as to say it is now even better than the day it was built. Please read our restoration story and decide for yourself…

Our Restoration Story
This car was purchased in Scotland as a non runner and in need of serious restoration.

We believe it had not been running for several years as it had been stored in a barn. Although the car looked mostly complete there was no doubt it was going to be a huge job to restore this car to its former glory. We also knew that to do it properly we needed to carefully source renowned specialists in their field.

The car had at some stage been painted white with matching white cross spoke wheels. After making a few checks we found out the car was originally gloss black with red leather, so we set out with the intention of putting the car back into its original colour scheme.

We brought the car back to Shrewsbury, removed the body and sent this to renowned Jaguar expert James Sidwell to work his magic on the very sorry looking panel work.

The engine was removed and sent to Dave Griffiths performance cars who has a long history of working with classic Jaguars. The engine was full of sludge and very dirty internally, all engine components were stripped and cleaned whilst the cylinder heads were sent off for crack / pressure testing and reconditioning; the crank was sent for machining along with the engine block; new pistons and rings were fitted and new bearings throughout. The alloy engine components such as rocker covers, timing chain cover, inlet manifold etc were sent off for polishing. The exhaust manifold was cracked so we purchased a new stainless steel tubular manifold; carburettors were stripped bead blasted, reassembled with new gaskets and diaphragms; cylinder heads were returned from the reconditioner`s.

With all of this work complete we were ready to start re-assembling the engine.

Meanwhile all the chrome work on the car had been sent off to Castle Chrome Ltd for re-plating.

The axle and propshaft was sent to HL Smith for reconditioning.

A brand new 5 speed ZF gearbox was purchased along with a new flywheel and complete clutch kit.

Every wheel on the car had at some stage in its life sustained kerbing damage which was beyond repair, so a new set of stainless steel cross spoke wire wheels were purchased along with new tyres.

Whilst we wanted to keep this car as original as possible we also wanted to ensure the driving experience was enjoyable, therefore a few subtle changes were required.

We fitted a power steering rack and pump; replaced the dynamo for an 12volt alternator and upgraded the brakes with new discs and new brake calipers front and rear.

The body was painted by renowned refinishing experts Brookfield Classics back to its original colour of gloss black, black being probably one of the hardest colours to get a perfect finish on as every single blemish is visible, however, Brookfield have years of experience in painting classic cars and I have to say the work carried out on our car is nothing short of “exceptional”.

The car was then re-assembled by James Sidwell to his very high exacting standards using all new parts wherever the original parts could not be reused. Parts were predominantly sourced for SNG Barretts in Bridgnorth or Coventry Auto Components.

Once the car was rebuilt it was sent for re-upholstery to Stan at GB Classics, again keeping the original red colour. The seats really were in a poor condition as not only had the leather deteriorated over the years but the springs in the seats had sunk and collapsed. Not only did they restore the seats; the dash was re-trimmed along with the door panels and boot compartment. A new hood was fitted which included having to install all new wood, blast and paint the hood frame. Anyone that has ever had the pleasure of having a car trimmed at GB Classics Ltd will know the standard of their work is incredible.

Once the car was completed at GB Classics Ltd it was collected by Sid (James Sidwell) to complete the final touches before we went to view the final completed car.

The Finished Result
There is something exceptionally rewarding about taking a classic car from a dilapidated condition back to its original glory. Please look through our library of photos taken throughout the Jaguar’s restoration journey…Enjoy !