SOLD: Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (1987)








2.0 litre



The Ford Sierra Cosworth can firmly take the stand as one of the most iconic cars of it’s day and played a fundamental role in Stuart Turner’s mission to rescue Ford’s reputation in the motorsport scene. Having instigated Ford’s assault on Le Mans with the GT40, Walter Hayes was naturally very excited with Turner’s vision to produce a turbo charged Cosworth 2.0 litre engine. The RS 500 engine modifications consisted of a larger Garrett T04 charger, a larger air-air intercooler, a second set of four fuel injectors with an extra fuel rail, a reworked induction system, an uprated fuel pump, oil and cooling system. All these modifications combined resulted in a horsepower of 224. The RS500 model went on sale on August 1st 1897 and was made exclusively for the UK market.

The body kit and spoiler helped achieved good aerodynamics whilst off the race track it created a poster car image that was extremely sought after. Initially there was worry amongst management when research lead them to believe that there was demand for jus 1500 units whilst Ford needed to build at least 5000 for homologation. However the Cosworth went on to comfortably exceed Ford’s hopes becoming one of the most successful touring cars of all time, achieving Turners goal of the company back on the map on the motorsport scene.

The car on offer is a terrific example of the limited edition Sierra Cosworth, having obviously found it’s way to a true enthusiast who has chosen to fully restore the car to an extremely high level. It is finished in the ultimate colour combination of Black with standard grey Recaro Trim. The car presents like it has just been driven out of the showroom in 1987. When inspecting the car in the flesh, there is a certain wow factor that immediately becomes apparent and that is further enlightened as one continues to thoroughly examine the vehicle.  The right-hand drive coupe is quite simply as beautiful underneath as it is on the outside.

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