Mercedes-Benz 190 SL Roadster (1956)







1.9 litre




The Mercedes 190 SL was the successor of the much coveted and distinguishable Mercedes SL 300 with it’s gull wing doors. The 190 SL is a truly beautiful piece of german engineering mixing the perfect blend of luscious styling with magnificent build quality. The car’s 1.9 litre engine produces a modest 104 bhp.

This left hand drive version was shipped from Stuttgart to Houston, Texas in 1956, where it remained for the majority of its life so far. Throughout that period it was owned and cherished by the Epstein family. In 1994 Gerald Epstein sold the vehicle to a UK buyer who himself had over 40 years experience of classic restorations with Mercedes, specialising in the 190 SL. With this extensive knowledge, he conducted a bare metal, ground-up restoration and the car was reborn.

The car is finished in metallic silver with a navy blue hood. The original chassis plates remain in place and the interior has been completely retrimmed in rare Mercedes plaid. The car comes with a copy of the original Stuttgart issued bill sheet stating that all the car’s manufacturing information.

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